About Intelassist

Intelassist Inc. is an offshore outsourcing company that has been in the industry for over 15 years, which was founded by a group of professionals known for its outstanding service. The company’s principal objective is to deliver excellent service while successfully accomplishing either an entire or just portions of projects given by its respected clients in an efficient manner.

We are dedicated in developing other legal businesses that needs assistance in overcoming their insufficiency of providing adequate support or productivity to their customers. We are here to help you facilitate your needs to increase growth and to secure your future. We also provide you insights on how we can help you, and innovate for the betterment of your company.

Why Intelassist?

Intelassist Security


We are a HIPPA HITECH COMPLIANT outsourcing company. We guarantee excellent 24hr hi-tech security system for all sensitive data and confidentiality. Our infrastructure is also complete with physical security, CCTVs and proximity cards to maintain credible protection for your company and ours. Intelassist Inc. is protected by CYBER SECURITY INSURANCE as the company is steadfast in protecting the organization and its customer’s confidential information & trade secrets. Here we have invested on intrusion detection systems, firewalls, antivirus, anti-spam softwares and other security related features to minimize the threats. Intelassist puts considerable efforts in deploying tools, cryptographic methodologies and techniques to detect threats and anomalies.

Intelassist Exceptional Customer Services

Exceptional Customer Service Experience

They say “Communication is key”, but what is communication if it lacks superb quality? Quality is one of the things we value and concentrate on. We wouldn’t want to put any of our client’s names or their brands in jeopardy by failing to exchange professional conversations with their customers, that is why Intelassist commits to provide communication with excellent quality for your brand name. Rest assured no barriers and no hard time understanding the person on the other line.

Intelassist Culture

Our Culture

We guarantee that we have the right people for your business. We only hire those people whom we can trust with the given responsibilities and whom we can harmoniously work with. Our experts are flexible, highly dynamic and have excellent English communication skills. They are also easygoing and compassionate in assisting and delivering your customers’ needs. Here we don’t just work as individuals; we always work as a team with communication as a steady key. This is one factor that makes us unique because our people are united and are working in a peaceful environment which drives growth and retention. This is the culture that we are devoted to provide as an experience to every possible business partner.

Intelassist Educational Background

Educational Background

Our architects and experts are well equipped with quality education. Our team members had spent 4 years or more in mastering and honing their skills in order to be considered professionals. Philippines has had an extensive and extremely inclusive system of education including features such as higher education which is patterned in the United States.

Intelassist Reliability


We are a one stop shop and we can manage projects and any type of corporate responsibilities for your business, you don’t have to worry about your company’s overhead and supervision. We can cover all aspects in running your business from hiring to product training, to operations and production. Here, everything is process mapped and we are ready to solve unexpected problems using different decision making tools such as root cause analysis, pareto analysis and lean six sigma (DMAIC) for project management. Intelassist treats your brand like it’s our own and that is why we offer to cater your needs whether you are opting for full or just portions of your business.

Intelassist Consistency and Dedication

Consistency and Dedication

We’re working with other clients too but we make sure that our time, availability and attention are focused fairly on each and every one. Being trusted with your business means a lot to us, that is why we remain engaged and willing to take the extra mile for your company until we finish all objectives and reach complete success.

Intelassist Accessibility


You may always want to be updated with what’s happening with your business from time to time. Intelassist is committed to provide 24/7 standby support and open lines of communication even across the globe to all our business partners to keep you updated. Rest assured that clients can connect with us anytime of the day for immediate updates, sudden occurrences and concerns.

Intelassist Pricing


With offshore outsourcing you save time, money, effort and manpower. Since you don't have to invest in infrastructure, you also save on making unnecessary fixed expenditures. As a running company, we understand every business minded people like you who invest their capital and future. It is a good reason why we do our best to meet our client’s budget to help them save time and effort and of course, while still getting the same excellent service. Start-up businesses to big enterprises are all welcome here in Intelassist.

Smart Choice!

Intelassist Inc. is the smart choice if you are looking for the right company that is dedicated to excellence. Together with us, we are ready to sustain and drive your business' growth while producing more possibilities because we want to trigger more opportunities in every project and customer interaction for your future. We are genuinely willing to be your partner in assisting you with your journey in reaching your maximum business potential.

Intelassist Office Building Manila

Office and Infrastructure

Our facility is an Internet data center with on-site UPS, generators, air conditioning and fire suppression.

  • We have 3 high speed Internet Service Providers.
  • We have high network availability during times of disaster. Mission sensitive data applications are routed to back up storage.
  • We utilize in-house UPS, inverters, generators and fire suppressors. Detailed security personnel are stationed to the different parts of the building.
  • 99% Average System uptime for the last 18 mos.

Intelassist has disaster contingency plans in place for service interruption and disaster recovery both in terms of staffing and telecommunication services. Contacts are in place with primary telecom suppliers for business continuity services.

Physical Security - The Cyber One Building is serviced by Security Services which protects both lives and properties, and equipped with surveillance cameras.

Personnel - All employees undergo a thorough background check by our in-house recruitment team. Standard procedure requires National Bureau of Investigation clearance and or Police clearance every year.

Employee retain rate. To ensure continuous staff support, we maintain a pool of pre-screened applicants.

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