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Mortgage Relationship Specialist

Mortgage Relationship Specialists (RS) will be working in a fast pace environment. RS will work directly with loan officers, borrowers, underwriters, and various 3rd parties to analyze, assemble, validate, submit, and monitor loan submission packages. The loan package will consist of many forms and documents. Agents must be able to read and review various documents. Agents must be able to perform various calculations. As the file is being reviewed by the underwriter, RS’ will resolve conditions and steps required by the underwriter. This position is customer facing and RS’ must project a positive attitude and demonstrate proficient and professional phone and email communication.

Duties include:

  • Data Entry. RS’ will complete loan application using supporting documents provided by borrowers or from 3rd party sources
  • RS’ may request documentation from 3rd party vendors as required
  • Pre-underwriting Analysis to determine qualifications, limitations and understand the objectives of the borrowers
  • Run DU/LP to determine borrower eligibility and minimum documents needed
  • Reviews:
    • - Loan application for accuracy and consistency
    • - Collateral Review.
      • * Calculate Loan-to-Value
      • * Analyze value for collateral
    • - Title Review
      • * Title
      • *Vesting
  • Analysis:
    • - Analyze Borrower income and calculate Debt to Income ratio.
      • * Front-end ratio – Ratio of mortgage payments compared to borrower’s income
      • * Back-end Ratio – Ratio of borrower’s debt payments compared to borrower’s income
      • * Rental Income
      • * Passive Income
      • * Self Employed Income
    • - Credit Analysis.
      • * Review the borrower’s credit report and identify negative entries.
      • * Repair negative entries by:
        • - Requesting credit supplements.
        • - Dispute erroneous entries on the credit report
        • - Acquire Letters of Explanation from the borrower to explain specific details on credit report
    • - Asset Analysis.
      • * Determine if borrower has sufficient cash reserves.
      • * Determine if borrower has sufficient cash to pay all the costs to close the loan (down payment, taxes, fees, etc.)
  • Verifications:
    • - Verify documents belong to borrowers on the loan
    • - Verify documents support the subject property or belong to one of the identified Real Estate Owned properties of the borrowers
    • - Verify required documents on file are a complete set, recent, current and not expired
  • Create the loan Submission Package for Underwriter review
  • Satisfy steps and conditions required by the Underwriter upon Loan Decision

Minimum Requirements for Back Office Agents:

  • Education and work experience:
    • - 4-year college degree (or higher), plus 2 or more years of relevant work experience.
  • Strong English reading and comprehension skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills and ability to deal with difficult people diplomatically
  • Strong English verbal and written communication skills. RS’ must project a positive attitude and demonstrate proficient and professional communication.
  • Ability to follow instructions in English and adhere to defined procedures
  • Good with basic math.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Organized and ability to prioritize a large pipeline of work.
    • - RS’ must be able to work on multiple loan files, and prioritize daily work
    • - RS’ must be able to shift priorities quickly throughout their workday
    • - RS’ must be able to work on all files assigned to the furthest extent possible daily
    • - RS’ must be able to work independently
    • - RS’ must be able to handle customer contacts or 3rd party vendor contacts porfessionally
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Computer Literacy.
    • - Must know how to navigate through Windows 10.
    • - Agents will access online tools and applications through Amazon Appstream
    • - Utilize Loan Origination Software system
    • - Broker In Box or designated Document Repository
    • - Experience using a Pricing Engine
    • - Proficient in matching loan programs to fit the Borrower’s objectives
    • - Agents must be proficient at navigating through multiple windows and applications
    • - Agents will be proficient at searching the Internet

Desired Skills (not required)

  • Experience and knowledge of mortgage and the mortgage process
  • Experience in banking or finance or related field
  • Customer Service experience a plus

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