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Having an online community established with the help of social media is something you should be able to manage and facilitate. This is where community moderation comes in. Since social media enables people to communicate with you live and in real-time, it poses quite a number of problems for you and your brand if left unmanaged and without moderation. Intelassist can handle this for you.

Intelassist moderates and keeps track of the activity on your social networking sites, protecting you and your community from offensive, explicit and even unlawful content. A moderator also helps keep predators and trolls at bay. IntelAssist protects your loyal community members from these people and helps keep your pages clean of any offensive content.

Intelassist also keeps plagiarized content and unwanted links from popping up unexpectedly on your pages, protecting the integrity of your brand while giving your community the kind of content and society they want. This in turn promotes loyalty and keeps your community from becoming toxic and full of conflicts.

When you hire Intelassist to handle your community moderation needs, you offer members the kind of clear communication you need regarding your brand. You also protect your interests without having to train your own staff.

And the best part of letting Intelassist help with community moderation is the savings you get from trying to do it yourself. You won't have to worry about the added cost of damage control when you have Intelassist professionals taking care of your online community.

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