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Data mining is the gathering of information online for the purpose of marketing analysis that can be used to develop future marketing plans and strategies. Intelassist date mining services help you gain an edge over your competitors with the use of savvy online marketing tactics.

How an outsourcing company captures data for a client often depends on the kind of data a client wishes to have extracted. Data collection methods include both manual and automated procedures. Each method type is used for a variety of data collecting purposes.

Some clients want large volumes of data in a short amount of time but are not that particular about the accuracy or conciseness of the data. This can be achieved with the use of customized scripts that capture a lot of data in a short period of time. This is often used in lead generation projects.

Those clients who want to have more concise and detailed information taken from the web may benefit more from Internet research. This is done manually with the help of a team of research experts who find relevant information for your company's needs. This process can also be utilized to gain knowledge on competitor product prices, specifications and availability.

You can also use Intelassist's data mining service to carefully keep track of content that is posted on your competitors' websites. You can then use this "scraped" information to come up with comparable or better content for your own sites.

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