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Putting together an updated price list, coming up with costing estimates for certain projects, and submitting accurate price quotations to clients requires that you undertake estimation for each activity. Consider choosing a third-party estimation service provider, so you can reallocate time, energy, and resources to other revenue-producing activities.

At Intelassist, we can provide you with a range of estimation services, including creating budget estimates, remodeling quotations, material pricing lists, updating of pre-existing price lists, and record keeping of price revisions. With our services, you can expect a quick turnaround of documents when requesting for quotation and pricing updates.

Additionally, we keep and maintain a comprehensive database and network of international and local product and service suppliers. With our easy access to price and rate information, we generate precise and detailed yet concise project estimates that can help your company secure projects that yield higher returns and allow you to present the best prices possible to your clients, protecting your target profit margin in the process.

Engaging our services can cut your costs by eliminating the need for a full-time estimator. Moreover, you can focus on macro-managing your projects and key decisions without having to worry about the micro details.

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