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Before the advent of computers, animation was given life through laborious frame by frame manual drawing. To create moving images, each drawing was either photographed or scanned to create a frame, and a playback of 24 frames of images per second was needed to create flowing animation.

With the development of computer-based animation programs (like Adobe Flash), the creation of animated clips and even full-length videos has become less laborious, in a way, because images can be rendered and manipulated with the help of the computer's artificial intelligence. With the use of computers, however, came the greater challenge of maximizing the use of technology to level up the artistry and creativity of computer-aided animation.

With the help of computers, one can create simple animation much faster than how it used to be - hence animation in a "flash". Yet the creation of professional quality animation demands talents and skills borne from years of experience. Only a seasoned flash animator can create animations that are intricate, fascinating, and visually compelling.

If your company is in need of such service, simply contact Intelassist and we will gladly fulfill your Flash Design and Animation requirements based on a per project basis. For marketing and advertising, we can provide designs for animated web ads, animated interface for interactive presentations, and animation clips for audiovisual presentations. For the more artistic demands, we also offer full production of animated short films and edutainment videos.

As your outsourced provider of creative services, Intelassist will work side-by-side with you from the conceptualization process, to scriptwriting and storyboarding, to the actual production of your animation requirement. Allow us to work with you as a team – you can start this by giving us a call or sending us an email regarding your need.

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