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You are a thorough manager who excels at micro managing your business. You are a start-up business owner and you think your business is ready for expansion. You own a busy shop and you are a super single mom. You are a model manager and you think you deserve to slow down a bit.

There are so many wonderful reasons why you are successful and on top, but your hands are full most days. However, getting a secretary or an extra staff is impractical at the moment – you don't even have time to recruit and hire that extra pair of hands. Intelassist can provide an extra pair of hands to help lighten your load with our outsourced PERSONAL ASSISTANT services. You don't have to burden yourself with the tedious process of hiring another staff member. Just contact us, tell us your line of business and your immediate needs, and we will provide you a personal assistant who is tailor-fit to your requirements.

At Intelassist, our personal assistants are well trained in doing presentations, managing activity schedules, replying to written correspondence and calls, organizing reminders and meetings, and even contributing ideas to project planning and scheduling. Intelassist personal assistants can screen your calls, emails, and meetings, helping you manage your priorities. at wish happen.

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