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You have just created a really interesting web ad, or have redesigned your super cool website, or you have just written the most amazing web article that you really want the whole wide (wired) world to know. You upload your masterpiece online and voila!

You are not getting viewed. Your magnum opus is not attracting visitors. Your genius (and your effort) is not being given its due recognition and attention in the intricately webbed online world. Your pride is surely bruised and the situation is even made worse by the fact that your business depends on this certain stroke of genius.

You think that maybe, your work was not good enough. Or perhaps maybe because it was not search engine optimized? Search engine what?

Many internet-based professionals – web designers, travel and leisure writers, foodies, photo bloggers, business consultants, healthcare advisers, and even thrift and budget product sellers – basically live off their knowledge of internet systems and protocols. How successful online they become generally depends on how much they know about the inner workings of the internet. Inner workings like SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or SEO.

Search engine optimization is the science of putting your web link at the top spot or modestly on the first to third pages of search results. Let's create a scenario: let's say you are into soap making, specifically, soaps for aroma therapy in San Francisco. Now, try Googling "aroma therapy soaps in San Francisco". Does Google place your online address anywhere on the first to third search results pages? If this is not the case, then the search bots are just not seeing or reading through your web page enough to bring it to the top of the search results.

Intelassist can help push your online address to make it more visible in searches. There is no secret formula, really. What we do is an expert combination of meta titling, right keyword insertion, proper linking, and other optimization "push" so the search bots will recognize your online pages more. At Intelassist, we have the human resources with the right knowledge to do it for your business. Start optimizing your online presence now. Contact us and we'll show you how.

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