How much a project will cost is something that every project bidder should know prior to beginning the bidding process or closing a deal, making takeoffs a critical point to any project plan. If you cannot properly estimate how much a project will cost, you may find yourself losing money instead of making it from your contracts.

Contracting a quality takeoff service can help you come up with the best possible bid for your prospects. Our takeoff service will enable you to accurately come up with the material and labor costing needed for your construction work, helping you carefully put together the right bid.

In addition, we help you negotiate for lower material prices and service charges to give you the best possible rates available in the market. Our breakdown, specifically, helps eliminate redundancies and wastage, providing you with the best value bid that you can offer to your prospective clients.

We offer takeoff services for earthworks, structural works, architectural finishes, plumbing works, and horizontal construction projects, as well as building materials needed for renovating or rebuilding projects. At Intelassist, we accomplish our takeoffs through the engineering and architectural expertise of our human resource pool.

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