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Technical Research

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Putting together instructional documents, manuals and other technical communications materials can be demanding. Hiring experienced professionals with the help of a service outsourcing firm like Intelassist helps you come up with the valuable information needed for your technical documents.

Intelassist's well-versed writers can produce your process documentation, user manuals, reference guides, and installation manuals crafted to your specifications. We can even help with training manuals, tutorials and online course modules.

Intelassist's tough researchers have years of experience behind them. Our expert content writers also can put together the information they gather in a clear and cohesive manner, providing what you need delivered according to your schedule.

Technical research tasks require the skill of individuals who can easily locate the kind of information you need online. Intelassist researchers have the skill and training needed to ferret out useless information and eliminate inaccurate and false content. Their technical documentation will be presented to you step-by-step starting with an outline, a draft, an edited copy, and a final copy to ensure you get what you want.

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