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The online world is all about words, sounds, and images. You may have the best sounds and images, but without good copy accompanying your materials, your website will fail.

Traditionally, when a company needs something to be written the human resource department opens up a writer position, places a job ad, screens and interviews applicants, shortlists candidates, and accepts the candidate best fit for the writing position. Hiring is a long and tedious process, but what if the writer is only needed for a one-time project? Will hiring one for a regular or even contractual position be worth all the trouble?

Depending on the project, you may require written copy for a marketing site, personal or professional blog, online travel journal, medical forum, science and technology update, architecture and engineering newsletter, and much more. Intelassist offers you the resource and time-saving option of outsourced web content writing services. Our pool of writers covers a wide range of interests, specializations, writing styles, and is ready to work on a flexible schedule. Our professionals will not only weave words for your content, they will also provide you copies that are optimized for the Web.

For more information, contact us by email or phone, and let us start a fulfilling business and realize your goals together.

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